Chibiusa's Questions

Welcome to Chibiusa's Questions- a section dedicated to answering questions or bringing up interesting topics of the world of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. If you have been searching for answers, or have some interesting discussion topics, please send them to me and I'll gladly post them up here. Visitors are encouraged to send in their questions/opinions/articles. All articles, and contribution added here will be given credit to.

+What does 'R' stand for after the 2nd Season title?
Written by Chibi Jennifer, a translation from the Nakayosi Anime Album.

+ Does Makoto really have trouble with airplanes?
By Chibi Jennifer

+ Is Kaiou Michiru a flawless character?

+ Does Seiya have a crush on Princess Kakyuu?
By Chibi Jennifer

+ Which is the Three Light's surname/given name?

+ Do henshins happen instantaniously or do they happen in real-time?