Makoto's Fear...

All the characters have trouble with something, whether its love letters, cockroaches or sea cucumbers, it’s no different for Kino Makoto. In her profile for both anime and manga, she has trouble with airplanes, for the reason that her parents died in a plane crash when she was very young. However, whilst it doesn’t show Setsuna running away from a cockroach (cause she never encountered one), it does show Makoto in a plane with no sign of insecurity. Now, since that is the case, what happened to this fear she has, or does it not apply to her at all? In episode 88, Kyoufu he no Shoutai! Usagi no Yakan Hikou (An invitation to horror! Usagi's night time flight); the girls all have a plane ride to watch the Three Lights’s new movie, and the Three Lights were also on flight. It seemed like Makoto was excited about the whole thing, as much as the others and there was no hint whatsoever about her fear. Usagi was going to miss out on it since she didn’t have a ticket for it, and Makoto felt sorry for her. If she had feared it, wouldn’t she have let Usagi have her one? Instead:

Mako: That's why we shouldn't have told Usagi about it. Want to give her your ticket? 
Minako: I sent in 30 postcards and I only got one ticket.

Maybe she has overcome her fear, but there hasn’t been any sign of character development in terms of this.

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I do think that Jupiter's fear of planes may be exclusive to the manga version. Either that or the makers of SMStars forgot about that. ^^; We do have to be aware of any possible mistakes made by Japanese script writers too.