Is Michiru a flawless character?

Out of the Sailor Senshi, Kaiou Michiru seems to have the least flaws. I’m under the impression Takeuchi made her seem like the perfect lady. She's elegant, graceful, feminine (some say smart), and good at everything it seems with not many negative aspects. When looking at the other characters, Usagi is clumsy, ditsy, a cry-baby; Rei has a fiery temper especially in the first season where she seems more mean compared to the others; Ami has a low self-esteem; Makoto is a little too boy-crazy and Minako can be like that too as well as ditsy like Usagi. The ‘outer’ senshi are portrayed with fewer flaws, as it makes them more mature and powerful. Whilst it could be argued Haruka and Setsuna don’t have much flaws, their characters aren’t portrayed as elegant as Michiru.

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By Sailor Comett | url
However much as I love Michiru, I couldn't say she was flawless... Yes, she's elegant, refined, pretty, talented, caring etc etc. I'm not sure I'd call her the jealous type (I'd save that for Haruka I think), but as Sailor Neptune, she can come across as quite cold at times. I know they thought their mission would involve sacrificing the innocent but the fact that she was ready to do it (and even leave Uranus behind in the process (the debate is whether she really could do that)) shows that she can't be totally perfect or her pure and noble heart wouldn't allow her to even think of it.

By JA | url
Michiru does seem to be most idealistic of all and that's what makes her a least favorite of all on my part. But that's so typical of Naoko Takeuchi seem to be very idealistic too and she tend to express her dreams in the mangas. :) I could say that Michiru's elegance could be also her flaw especially with how expensive and time consuming it can be to maintain the appearance and that could make her very picky about how she looks. Just a guess. :)