Sailor Moon R. What does "R" stands for?

I've translated an excerpt of the Nakayosi Anime Album, Vol 3, page 157. Please note that this is not a literal translation, since differences in language linguistics makes it confusing to understand that way.

Minako: Hey, hey, Chibiusa. You're not gonna ask me? [Question]

Chibiusa: hmm..ask you huh? [Minako]

Minako: Sure, no problem, do you have a question?

Chibiusa: If only Minako can answer a simple question...

Minako: Huh? What are you saying?

Chibiusa: oh, umm.. What does 'R' stand for after the 2nd Season title?

Minako: err... [an R in the title]? That, that means.... only the main character would know that answer. I'll be leaving now..

Usagi: Minako... you didn't have to put me on the spot..

Chibiusa: So, what does it mean?

...So, maybe the letter 'R' stands for something?


There's lots.. Like RED, or RUSH...

Chibiusa: Sailor Moon isn't red, and in the mornings you don't need to catch a train.

Ami: Our previous season has ended, but we're back, so it's RETURN.

Rei: Or is it the basis of the story, which is ROMANCE?

Makoto: Because the story doesn't stop, maybe its making references to a dance's RONDO.

Ami: Maybe they used 'R' to symbolise a lot of ideas.

Usagi: The matter is decided! Since Chibiusa has arrived, the R stands for RABBIT!!

Everyone: So that's why <3

By Yana | e-mail
I read and got the idea that the R stands for Rose. Plus, the name of the movie for the second season is the Promise of the Rose.

By Yumiko | url
It makes more sense to me that it stands for 'Returns', since the anime was originally supposed to end after the first season and the big battle with Queen Beryl. After that, all the senshi + Mamoru died, and were reborn into ordinary girls with no past memories. In R, Luna helps them awaken as senshi, and then they are back, so they 'Return'. Of course, R could also stand for 'Romance', but that's less likely to me because there is 'Romance' in every season, not just the R season. ;)

By Chibi Jennifer

Nice insights there, Yana and Yumiko. I actually believe it stands for Romance, maybe more so than Return..mainly because if you think about it- there is more romance in R than the other seasons, in relation to Usagi and Mamoru anyway. It was in the R season where Usagi and Mamoru was really put into a challenge; Mamoru had forgotten Usagi during the Doom Tree Arc, and in the Black Moon Arc, Mamoru and Usagi broke up with each other. I'd say it had a lot to do with their relationship. Just my thoughts :)