Starlight's name and surname

Question by haruka173
When the Three Lights/Starlights come in, which is the last name and which is the first name? Is it supposed to be Kou (surname) Taiki (given name), or Taiki (surname) Kou (given name)?

By Chibi Jennifer | email
I'm going to explain this by referring to the Cantonese Dubbed version. The kanji characters of the names are the same word in Chinese, except different pronunciation. Therefore, like the Japanese names, their surname comes first. Their name meanings are also the same as the originals.

Here are the pronunciations of their names in Cantonese:

Dai Hei (Taiki) Guong (Kou)
Yea Teen (Yaten) Goung (Kou)
Seng Yea (Seiya) Guong (Kou)

I believe Guong (Kou) is their actual names  (yes, they all have the same name) It is the same for the Chinese as it is with the Japanese, their surname always comes before their given name. In a specific episode of the Chinese dub, Seiya says, 'My days as Seng Yea Guong (Seiya Kou) is over..."  They never have their given name before their surname, unlike in the Western Society.

It's confusing because everyone calls Seiya "Seng Yea" ( her surname) instead of "Kou". Since the Three Lights all have "Kou" as their given names, it's difficult to distinguish the three apart.

By Betty Ann |  url
It should be noted that Seiya's PERSONAL name is actually Kou, although he goes by his surname of Seiya. The three Starlights all share the same personal name of Kou.