Does Seiya have a crush on Princess Kakyuu?

While watching the Sailor Stars season, has anyone felt that Seiya had a ‘crush (?)’ on Princess Kakyuu? While the response may be an instant “no”, since it seems like one of those dumb rumours in the Sailor Moon community, there was enough evidence there to make me feel there was something more deep. It seemed like Seiya was having constant conflicts between her dedication to Princess Kakyuu or Usagi. Surely Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter) is the guardian/protector of Princess Kakyuu, and it is only natural to be admiring ones own Princess, however, I’m wondering if its just to show Usagi’s importance to him, more than his own mission/duty as a Sailor Senshi.

There were a few occasions where Seiya sees Princess Kakyuu, but the image suddenly changes into Usagi. In episode 194, Ginga no Seisen. Sailor Wars Densetsu (The Holy Battle in the Galaxy. The Legend of the Sailor Wars), there is a scene where Star Fighter is holding onto Kakyuu’s hand and smiling at her, this image suddenly changes to Usagi which shocks her. Since Seiya loves Usagi, and it shows Usagi replacing Kakyuu’s image, it may mean that she loves her more than her Princess, perhaps a replacement. 

This could also mean that Usagi is seen more important to Seiya, than her mission to protect her princess. Face it, Seiya jumped in front of Usagi to protect her from Galaxia's blast; while did nothing for Princess Kakyuu; which lead to her death.

At times, Seiya feels that Usagi is her Princess; in episode 188, Seiya to Usagi no Doki Doki Date (Seiya and Usagi's Heart Pounding Date) she is again drawn to Usagi and felt she was their princess that they have been searching for. On a side note, this is somewhat interesting that Star Fighter also claims that Eternal Sailor Moon’s power was the same as their Princess’s. Is it because Seiya is attracted to Usagi the same way towards her Princess, or is it in terms of power?

In episode 194, Princess Kakyuu tells the Senshi the Legend of Sailor Wars, and we see Star Fighter turning from Princess Kakyuu; to see Usagi's reaction, obviously showing who is her main concern. 

Does Seiya have something for Princess Kakyuu? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Have something to add? Please send in your thoughts.

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About Seiya, I think it's more of loyality issue. I got an impression Seiya was torn between her loyality to Kaykuu and her strong concern/fondness for Usagi. Usagi do tend to be weaker than Kaykuu in terms of confidence and that makes Seiya even more concerned about Usagi. That's just me. :)