About Chibi Land

The creator of Chibi land

Name: Chibi Jennifer (Chibi Jen)
Country: Australia
Hobbies: Drawing & Blogging
Favourite colours: Yellow and baby pink
Sailor Moon preference: 90s Anime & PGSM Live Action > Manga/Sailor Moon Crystal (reboot)
Favourite Sailor Senshi: Sailor Moon! Sailor Uranus, Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Healer are pretty awesome too.
Favourite Villain: I like a lot of the villains so this is a tricky one. Some include Sailor Aluminium Siren, Sailor Iron Mouse and the Amazon Trio.
Favourite pairing: I loveeee Seiya and Usagi though Chibiusa and Helios are also pretty cute.
Favourite Season: Sailor Stars because I loved all the drama and action :) I loved the chemistry between Seiya & Usagi.
My Sailor Moon Web Comics: MoonSticks

MoonKitty.net conducted an interview with me about Chibi Land and MoonSticks! Check out the interview here!

Fanlistings I joined

History of Chibi Land

I started building my first Sailor Moon website back in year 2000 titled 'Chibi Jennifer's Sailor Moon Site'. It was a general Sailor Moon fansite which had galleries, profiles, song downloads and more. I was 13 years old at the time, and working on the site became a huge hobby and favourite past time of mine (as well as rewatching Sailor Moon over and over). Unfortunately the site was hosted on Homestead who started charging webmasters for server space when it was initially free (with ads). I was devastated :(

I didn't want it to all end there, so I started rebuilding everything in Angelfire from scratch again. However, instead of a general Sailor Moon site, I decided to rework it and focus on the 'chibi' side of Sailor Moon. I think they're so cute and funny (I loved to 'chibi-fy' everything), and there weren't any other Sailor Moon site out there totally devoted to them. The site was then renamed to 'Chibi Jennifer's Chibi Land' to suit the theme (and later changed to just 'Chibi Land'.

On the 10th June 2005, Chibi Land was kindly hosted on secret-star.net by Sarah Beth, which meant no more annoying ads and more server space to add content! Yay! Unfortunately, a year later on the 27th February 2006, the secret-star.net server was hacked into and the site was removed.... :(

Finally on 6 March 2006, I purchased my own domain windy-goddess.net and Chibi Land finally has a forever home... or so I thought!

In September 2020, I decided to retire the windy-goddess.net domain name, and moved Chibi Land to be hosted under dearchibi.com. Our new URL is http://chibiland.dearchibi.com

See what we did for our 7th year Anniversary celebration!

Previous Layouts

v3.0 Falling Stars, created by Sara Beth
Artwork by Chibi Jennifer
About: This layout was requested custom made for Chibi Land at "Graphics R Us'. It was Chibi Land's first proper layout, and was used for approximately 2 years. I later learned more about html and css myself and created what is now Chibi Land's site layout.