Chibi Land's 7th Anniversary Review

On the 12th June 2008, Chibi Land was updated the first time, after quite some time of idleness! Chibi Land is officially 7 years old and to celebrate, the webmistress upgraded the layout to include a second sidebar displaying Anniversary cards and the new exclusive Chibi Dolls.

These Chibi Dolls appeared over the course of the remaining month and the site was updated 14 times during the 2 week period (from 12 June-29th June)! These dolls became highly popular among visitors and can be seen on various Sailor Moon sites. Sadly, Miyuki Kanbe passed away on the 20th June 2008, which saw a SeraMyu Chibi Doll become available for fans too.

As of the 29th June, there were 61 characters created- including all the Sailor Moon Villains from the anime and many more.

(As of 29th June 2008)

Thanks to the constant site updates, the Chibi Dolls, our affiliates, The Oracle and Awoken Destruction who were helping promote the occassion; Chibi Land reached its highest peak of visitors on the 24th June 2008, the highest number of visitors in a week which makes June 2008 also its current month record. =D

Anniversary Cards

Thank you to everyone who sent me a card =)

Happy Birthday Card from Nana-chan
Happy 7th Birthday Art from Awoken Destruction
Happy 7 Years Card from Usagi
Happy 7th Year Card from Jeffrey Anderson
Happy Birthday Card from Sailor Universe
Happy 7 Years Artwork from Digilee
Happy 7th Year from Brad
Happy 7 Years Artwork from Newbun

My thoughts on Sailor Moon

I've loved it since I was a little girl, and still love it as an adult (I turned 21 recently). Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is just special- the characters, the story, the animation, the soundtrack, the voices..everything. I can't see how there's any other anime that can replace it's special place in my heart. I've started building Sailor Moon sites back in year 2000, and I still continue to work on it today. My love for drawing is also owed to Sailor Moon so that's what I want to reflect on the site, my fanart. Chibi Land is not only filled with lots of cute images, but a place to worship all the wonderful characters. It's a place to make you smile, make you squeal and happy- exactly what Sailor Moon did for me. Sailor Moon has had a large influence on who I am today. I will never want to shut down this site =)

Final words

A lot of effort was put in to make all those site updates possible and there were quite a lot of new additions to the various pages (and to the Kawaii Collection!) Thank you everyone who joined in the celebration, who adopted dolls (and followed the rules), who left kind comments on the tagboard, sent birthday cards, who continued to come back and visit, and for spreading the word. This has made Chibi Land's 7th anniversary celebration a great success =D May you all continue to support Chibi Land, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and keep the online Sailor Moon community alive forever!

Chibi Jennifer on 29th June 2008.