Chibiusa and Helios

This pairing is the main reason I enjoyed the SuperS season; they are so cute, and I totally adore them. I believe they were destined to meet and seeing them develop feelings for each other during the course of the season was completely satisfying.

Their Story

"The forest is crying...Our forest made of crystal is crying..."
"If... this voice reaches you...Please, answer me"
"I came running through the night to see you, and just you"

One fateful night before the eclipse, a mysterious Pegasus comes to Chibiusa in a dream, asking if someone can hear him. Almost subconsciously, Chibiusa walks through the city and finds herself in a forest surrounded with crystals, where a beautiful Pegasus stood. She is completely mesmerized by it and reaches out to him. Instantly, she is transformed into her princess form but the Pegasus disappears.

"Please...Keep this meeting a secret..."

Chibiusa kept it a secret and completely trusted him, even though he didn't tell her anything about himself. When the new enemies from the Dead Moon Circus- the Amazon Trio hunt victims with beautiful dreams- the Sailor Soldiers are left in a pinch. Pegasus responded to Chibiusa's plea and appeared before them, lending Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon his power. Although his identity and purpose of being here remains a mystery, not once did Chibiusa doubt him. She remains patient and waited until he was comfortable in revealing his true intentions.

However, she wanted to see him more often, not only inside dreams. She wanted to become his friend, and he returned the same feelings. Pegasus gives her a Stallion Reve which allowed them to communicate with each other when they're alone. He wanted to be by her side. At that moment, Chibiusa changes into her pyjamas and Pegasus looks away who is embarrassed upon seeing her topless. Chibiusa doesn't understand since she's still a child. Through the Stallion Reve, they have many conversations about the things Chibiusa encountered, which often involved the concepts of dreams and relationships. Chibiusa is honest with her feelings and is slowly maturing and learning more about life, and her knowledge often surprised Usagi.

One day, a popular boy at Chibiusa's school asks her out and she's left confused and uncertain whether she likes him or not. She tells Pegasus of her dilemma and he is very upset by the news, saying it's her own choice. It is already obvious Pegasus has feelings for her and during the course of the season, Chibiusa often reflects back on her encounter with Pegasus- destiny? Love at first sight?

During a battle, Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibimoon were separated from Pegasus, being trapped in a force field with the enemy. Pegasus becomes both desperate and helpless, as his powers alone were not strong enough to save them on his own. The four inner senshi's power were no match for it yet they distrusted Pegasus and refused to accept his power. Pegasus continuously charges into the force field barrier in attempt to save her, getting injured seriously in the process. This heart-breaking scene shocks the Inner Senshi and seeing Pegasus in so much pain, Chibimoon begs them to believe in him and his powers. They eventually trust him and their powers drastically increase, breaking the barrier.

In episode 158, PallaPalla casted a spell which turned Chibimoon into an adult, and Sailor Moon into a child. Sailor Chibimoon is pleased with her adult form, however she fails to call upon Pegasus. Chibiusa later tries to contact Pegasus through the Stallion Reve, but again, there's no response from him which upsets her.

During that night, Pegasus reappears in her dream and takes her to his world, Elysion. Completely shocked by the isolated and dark world, Chibiusa discovers more about Pegasus's past and the Dead Moon Circus. He explains to her that the only reason he was able to see her was because she had beautiful dreams. It was a source of light that brought him to her. However, he couldn't see that light anymore, because Chibiusa attained her dream of becoming an adult through the power of the new moon; that moon eclipses her true dream. The thought of never seeing Pegasus again leaves her in tears as she runs desperately towards him. In the process, she reverted back into her true self and the light from her dream shines once again.

"My maiden...the light from your dream is very important to us."

Pegasus leans forward and they kiss. Chibiusa sees Pegasus's true form for the first time and who introduced as Helios.

In episode 159, Chibiusa and Helios enter a dream together, where they intimately embrace before she rides on Pegasus's back over the city night scape. Suddenly he rises higher into the sky and above pink clouds, where a flock of birds fly pass them. To Chibiusa's surprise, wings appeared on her back, which allowed her to fly freely on her own. Here the two of them play with each other peacefully in the sky and enjoy every moment.

Chibiusa speaks words from her heart, asking if Pegasus remembers the first time they met. From that moment, she felt like time has stopped and she's forever living in a dream. After meeting him, she felt like she understood why she's here and the reason she's born.

Pegasus thanks her and wants to tell her everything, but now just wasn't the time. Chibiusa is understanding and tells him she believes in him.

In episode 163, the Amazones Quartetto capture Pegasus and tries to ride the winged horse but they fail. Angered by not getting what they want, PallaPalla puts an energy bridle on Pegasus and attempt to pull out his horn. The Golden Crystal which was living in it sends out flames and Pegasus is surrounded by a ring of fire. Sailor Chibimoon, who was unconscious wakes up when she hears him neighing in pain. Ignoring the danger, she runs through the flames and uses all her strength to rip the bridle apart. Finally the flames disappear.

In the battle against Nehellenia, Nehellenia forces Pegasus to leave Chibiusa's dream and to return to Helios' body. Helios awakens and frees himself. When Nehellenia blasts him, he flies into Super Sailor Chibimoon's arms. She holds him and when he recovers she hugs him happily. Even after Nehellenia has shackled them again, they manage to hold each others hand for a short while and Helios calls her "Chibiusa-chan" for the first time.

After the battle, Helios must leave and return to his world. When bidding farewell, Helios gave Chibiusa a sweet kiss on her hand and said that he wouldn't forget her. Chibiusa screamed out "Look, a UFO!" deliberately making Mamoru and the other girls turned away as she embraces Helios. Helios changed back into Pegasus and began to fly off. Chibiusa ran along because she wanted to tell him something, but it was too late.
Chibiusa: I didn't tell you about myself or my dreams!
Usagi: You can see him again!
Chibiusa: I know that I can see you again. Then, I'll let you know my dream, Pegasus!