How to draw chibi Sailor Moon Part 2

6. Now that we've done her face and head, it's time for some planning of the body. The proportions of a chibi is one of the main aspects which make it a chibi. The head is larger than the body, which has shorter arms, shorter neck (sometimes totally removed) and slightly smaller legs. It all depends on style, however chibi characters are generally more chubby. A simple outline of the body size/position will be very useful when drawing it in more detail.

A difficult part will be matching the hands with the body. We can see that she does a peace side ways and over her face. Therefore, we need to draw the hand in first, but make a very light outline of how her arm is going to connect to the body. We have to keep in mind that arms should not be that long. The angle of the arm will be different to the reference image, since the size of the body is different (so don't stress too much if it's on a slightly different angle as long as it looks right).

Fingers are more round and short. At this point, you will need to draw the hands over her ears. It will be difficult to draw, but just draw one finger at a time :)


7. Once you have got the outline of the body and the hands in place, let's have a closer look at the body.

Give your chibi a small, short neck, just big enough to add her neck band around. Add a little crescent moon to it as well.
On the reference image, her shoulders are more broad and extend beyond just the face. Your chibi will have little shoulders. The bow is drawn larger than usual, and her waist will be really really short.

There's a little V shape which connects the skirt. Make sure it's rather thin and loses it's round qualities- it's more about straight lines here.

8. Draw the skirt and legs. Ensure that the skirt is not too long. For this part of the body, you shouldn't compare the proportions of the original image. Sailor Moon normally has really long legs, but as a chibi, it's quite short. The height of the leg should be about the same as the whole head.


9. Draw the back bow and hair. Make sure you don't forget the pretty red back bow :) Look at the reference image of how long her hair length is, and add them in. It's okay if the hair position isn't exactly where it is, since it will differ. Towards the top of her hair, it's thinner and gradually grows thicker towards the bottom of it.

10.Well done! Now you've got your own chibi Sailor Moon. Before you leave it at that, why not ink it so you can colour it in ^_^

Finished, inked and coloured:

I hope you managed to get a satisfying result! Just keep practising, learn from your mistakes and you're bound to get better ^_^ Good luck!

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