How to draw Chibi Style Art

Many visitors have been interested in finding out how I draw the chibi characters that are displayed all over Chibi Land. I have put this tutorial together to give you an idea how I've done them. Of course, I'm not saying you must draw them this way, in fact, I encourage you to develop your own style of drawing. There's no correct method of drawing so try whatever works for you :)

Drawing a chibi is a lot of fun and should be easier than normal size characters. Hopefully this tutorial will be useful and easy to follow.

A few things to keep in mind:
1. They're chibi/SD, meaning their eyes are often enlarged and the head is still kept at a oversized proportion to the body.

2. The point of chibis are to convey cuteness, so CUTE is the key point at all times.

How to draw Chibi Sailor Moon:

Part 1: Drawing the face/head
Part 2: The body
Created on: 26 August 2005, revised 23 August 2009

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