How to draw chibi Sailor Moon

To begin, let's start off with a good reference picture. I'll use this one as an example. Click here to view the full image, and follow along ^_^

1. Let's draw the face first. Despite Sailor Moon having a pointy chin, chibi are special and have a more round face (much like a child). Since the reference image of Sailormoon is facing straight ahead, draw her chin near the centre. Make sure you leave plenty of space on the inside of her face to add the eyes later. You can add the ears. Don't press too hard while trying to get the face shape right. The face shape is usually the most difficult when it comes to a chibi, and therefore may require a few attempts before it looks right.

2. Time to add her eye brows and eyes. It all depends on style; I prefer to make their eye brows shorter. For now, let's pretend Sailor Moon's hand's are not over her face and draw her eyes without interference (we'll add her hand later). Now, even though it's a chibi, the basic shape of the eyes are the same, except try making her eyes bigger and more round. Be careful not to be copying the Sailor Moon reference image, as you're drawing a chibi version of her.

3. Once you get the basic outline of it correctly, you can start drawing her pupils. This can get a little difficult, but the trick is to draw it pretty much the same proportion to the whole eye as the original image. It's a smaller oval shape within the eye. Next, draw in the two smaller circles (they are the white parts of the eyes) It may be hard to see on the reference image, but there's usually a small black circle just below the centre of the eye.

You can also start shading in her lashes. On the original image, she has quite a few lashes, but on a chibi, two is sufficient :)

The nose are optional in chibi characters- you can either have a little dot for it, or nothing, whichever suits you. I normally add the nose in. A little dot drawn with a little angle should do the trick!

With her mouth, draw it in a similar shape as normal, however not as pointy and more round (especially the lower lips).

4. Now for the fringe (bangs) and hair. See how Sailor Moon has quite a lot of layers of fringe? Well, for our chibi we don't need that many. The thing to remember is that we don't need draw the exact same amount as the reference image.

Sketch an outline of how big her hair is going to be in relation to her head. This will make sure the proportions are correct.

Draw the fringe slightly curved and not as pointy. Her fringe should just be slightly above her eyebrows. Next, draw two round circles for her odango (meatballs ^_^). If you're not sure what size to draw it, it's better to have it a little bit bigger than smaller.

5. Our next step is to add some detail on her. Let's work on her tiara, her jewels on her hair, and the earrings. Make sure her earrings aren't too big, but other than that, just add them in. During this whole drawing process, if there are parts you previously drew which doesn't seem right, feel free to fix it. Now we have her chibi face! YAY!

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