Exclusive Sailor Moon Chibi Dolls

Here are exclusive (and super adorable) Chibi Dolls you can display on your own website! Think of them as Chibi Land souvenirs! I’ve spent many hours of hard work to create them, so please abide by these simple conditions before taking any:

1. Please only display a maximum of 5 dolls. To ensure they remain exclusive, I kindly ask you to follow this rule. I don’t want to see the whole lot displayed on another site, so choose wisely :)

2. Do not alter/edit these dolls in any way, and that includes turning them into avatars/icons/graphics.

3. Provide a link back to Chibi Land so others know where you’ve obtained them from.

Thanks for reading, and happy adopting =) Please take good care of them!

Sailor Senshi | In School Uniform | In Casual/Various clothes
Sailor Starlights, Princess Kakyuu, Chibichibi
Friends of Senshi/Guardians
Royal Characters
Minor/Misc Characters

The Dark Kingdom
The Doom Tree (Makaiju) Arc- Aliens
The Black Moon Clan
The Death Busters
The Dead Moon Circus
Shadow Galactica: Animamates

Super S Movie Characters
SeraMyu (Sailor Moon Musicals)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action (PGSM) *NEW*
Sailor Moon: Another Story (Super Famicon Nintendo)

Sailor Moon The Movie (Independent Short)