Sailor Venus | Aino Minako


Name: Aino Minako
Name meaning: Beautiful Child of Love
Birthday: 22 October, 1978
Astrological Sign: Libra
Favourite Gemstone: Topaz
Blood Type: B
Family Members: Father (Employee of a Company)
Mother (Housewife)
Hobbies: Playing
Favourite Sport: All Sports
Favourite Colours: Yellow and Red
Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favourite Subjects: Everything apart from P.E
Favourite Food: Curry, Ramen, Gyoza
Least Favourite Food: Shiitake
Hopes to go to: the inside a of Space Shuttle
Habits: Forgets things, is easily angered
Special Skill: Flattering
Pet she would like: ...They are annoying
Dislikes: Mother and Police Officers
Motto: If you fall down, pull yourself up!
Dream: To be an idol
If two men asked you
to go out with them at the
same time, what would you do?
'Of course the most attractive guy!'

      Minako is similar to Usagi, both appearance wise and personality. She is a bit of a klutz, outgoing and ambitious. Her first appearance is in episode 33 in Sailor Senshi form- Sailor Venus, saving the others from Kunzite and Zoisite. At first, they suspect she was the Moon Princess they have been searching for, however she was actually the leader of the Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter during the Silver Millennium. She has a white guardian cat named Artemis.


She was first known as Sailor V, who fought crime in England along side with Alan and Katarina. Minako was in love with Alan who she had been going out with. Her best friend was Katarina, who knew about her identity as Sailor V. Minako introduced her to him, and the three of them were very close.

On one fateful day when Sailor V was fighting, there was a huge explosion in a building. Her two friends thought she had been killed during the explosion. Luckily Sailor V was alive, but it was then that she discovered the two were in love with each other the whole time. Sailor V was very hurt, and thought that maybe it was best for them to think that she had really died. So from then on, she had left England to Japan, where her identity as Sailor V was gone forever.

She knew it was time to resume her position as Sailor Venus and protect the Princess.