Sailor Saturn | Tomoe Hotaru


Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Name meaning: Firefly spouting from the Earth
Birthday: 6 January, 1981
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Favourite Gemstone: Fluorite 
Blood Type: AB
Family Members: Father: Tomoe Souichi (Scientist, Owner of Mugen Gakuen)
Hobbies: Collecting lamps and dolls
Favourite Sport: Table Tennis
Favourite Colours: Purple 
Favourite Subject: World History
Least Favourite Subjects: Physical Education 
Favourite Food: Nihon Soba (Japanese noodles)
Least Favourite Food: Milk 
Hopes to go to: Florence
Habits: Hangs head
Special Skills: Healing
Pet she would like: n/a
Has trouble with: Marathons 
Dream: To become a doctor 

    Hotaru is a lonely and fragile child, who lives isolated with her father Professor Tomoe. She is often found weak and occasionally falls unconscious. She first appears in the S season, in the last few minutes of episode 111.

  During a visit to her father's laboratory at a young age, an explosion occurred, which severely injured both of them. In order to save Hotaru, Professor Tomoe gave up his soul to an evil entity, whom possessed him after. He allowed Hotaru to be possessed by Mistress 9 in preparation for Master Pharaoh 90's coming and the destruction of the world.

Little did they know Hotaru was destined to become Sailor Saturn, the soldier of death and rebirth.