Sailor Moon | Tsukino Usagi


Name: Tsukino Usagi 
Name meaning: Rabbit of the moon
Birthday: 30 June, 1978
Age: 14 at the beginning, and 16 in Sailor Stars Season
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Favourite Gemstone: Diamond
Blood Type: O
Family Members: Father: Tsukino Kenji (Magazine Editor)
Mother: Tsukino Ikuko (Housewife)
Little brother: Tsukino Shingo (Fifth Grade Student)
Hobbies: Sleeping and Eating
Favourite Sport: None
Favourite Colours: Pink, white
Favourite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favourite Subjects: Math, English
Favourite Food: Ice-cream and Cake
Least Favourite Food: Carrots
Hopes to go to: Chateau de Versailles
Habits: Brown nosing and crying
Pet she would like: A pure white rabbit
Dislikes: Dentist
Motto: Loving sleep will allow you to grow quicker
Dream: To be a bride
If two men asked you
to go out with them at the
same time, what would you do?
"Go out with both of them!"

   Usagi Tsukino starts off as a normal 14 year old junior high student, who is clumsy and a bit of a klutz and crybaby. She attends Juuban Junior High with her best friend Naru, lives with her parents and her little brother Shingo.

In the first episode, Usagi encountered a black cat being bullied by a group of kids when she happened to be late for school. After she chased them away, she noticed this cat had a band-aid on its forehead. Curiously, she pulled it off and a shiny crescent moon was revealed. This cat was actually Luna, a talking cat from the moon, who was searching for her all along.

With her transformation brooch Luna gave her, and the words "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!" she is able to transform into the pretty suited Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. In her previous life, she was the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Princess Serenity. 

At first, Usagi is reluctant to take things seriously and lacks the confidence and talent that her role requires. However, as she grows to understand the power of the Moon, an inspirational maturity takes over as her once childish nature fades. She becomes a true leader with her emotions as the source of her power, strengthening with her love and hardship. Her pure heart and her true friends help her through the toughest of times and only make her stronger.