Sailor Mercury | Mizuno Ami


Name: Mizuno Ami
Name meaning: Friend of water
Birthday: 10 September, 1978
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Favourite Gemstone: Sapphire
Blood Type: A
Family Members: Parents Divorced
Mother (Doctor at Juuban Secondary General Hospital)
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Chess
Favourite Sport: Swimming
Favourite Colours: Light Blue
Favourite Subject: Mathematics
Least Favourite Subjects: None
Favourite Food: Sandwiches, honey
Least Favourite Food: Yellow Tailed Tuna (Hamachi)
Hopes to go to: Greece
Habits: Pondering, Putting her hand to her mouth
Pet she would like: A wise cat like Luna
Dislikes: Practical jokes
Special Skill: Calculating
Has trouble with: Love Letters
Motto: Honesty is Beautiful
Dream: To become a doctor (like her mother)
If two men asked you
to go out with them at the
same time, what would you do?
'...I'm still only in second year junior high, I should be doing other things...'

Ami is a kind, intelligent girl, who also attends the same school as Usagi. She studies incredibly hard as she dreams to become a doctor one day. Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury, the second Sailor Senshi to be introduced in the series.

In the beginning, students distanced themselves from Ami because they believed she was weird and studies too hard. Usagi was the first to befriend her.

Sailor Mercury is mostly a defensive fighter rather than offensive, as her attacks are weaker than most of the other senshi. Nevertheless, she uses her brain as her main source of power.
Ami can have low self-esteem at times because of what other people say about her. Ami is a kind-hearted and sensitive individual.