Sailor Mars | Hino Rei


Name: Hino Rei
Name meaning: Spirit of the Fire
Birthday: 17 April, 1978
Astrological Sign: Aries
Favourite Gemstone: Ruby
Blood Type: AB
Family Members: Grandfather (Head priest at the Hikawa Jinja shrine)
Father (Politician)
Hobbies: Reading and Fortune Telling
Favourite Sport: Track and Field events
Favourite Colours: Red and Black
Favourite Subject: Ancient Literature
Least Favourite Subjects: Modern Society
Favourite Food: Fugu, Thai cuisine
Least Favourite Food: Canned Asparagus
Hopes to go to: The Deep Sea
Habits: She looks at people patiently
Pet she would like: Iguana
Dislikes: Television
Motto: Singer/Song writer, and a good wife
Dream: To be a bride
If two men asked you
to go out with them at the
same time, what would you do?
'Not interested!'

Rei is a young Shinto Priestess who lives in the Hikawa Jinja shrine with her grandfather. Her powers are fire based, which could explain her fiery temper and strong will. When first seen by Usagi and Ami, she is admired for her ambitious nature.

Rei and Usagi are constantly seen arguing and teasing each other. Rei often depicts herself as the obvious leader creating conflicts between Usagi and herself. On the outside, Rei seems to dislike Usagi, but she truly cares about her.

In the first movie 'Promise of a Rose' Sailor Moon was feeling down because Fiore had taken Mamoru away from her. Sailor Mars was the first to give her courage to fight again. In the following battle, Sailor Moon could have been in great danger as there were too many enemies targeting them. Sailor Mars grabbed hold of her arm and threw her away, so there was a chance for her to escape, replacing herself in danger. As Rei learns more about Usagi’s role, the criticism dies down and she learns to respect her. It wasn't only because she was their Princess, but because she was her true friend.