Sailor Pluto | Meiou Setsuna


Name: Meiou Setsuna 
Name meaning: Momentary Dark King
Birthday: 29 October, 1976 (her real age is unknown, this is only her civilian form)
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Favourite Gemstone: Garnet
Blood Type: A
Family Members: none
Hobbies: Shopping
Favourite Sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics
Favourite Colours: Dark Red
Favourite Subject: Physics
Least Favourite Subjects: Music
Favourite Food: Green Tea
Least Favourite Food: Eggplant
Hopes to go to: The Caribbean
Habits: Feels depressed
Special Skill Sewing
Pet she would like: n/a
Has trouble with Cockroaches
Dream: To be a Designer

Sailor Pluto is the mysterious Sailor Senshi who appears in episode 75, guarding the gate of time with her Garnet Rod. She has lived a life of isolation, due to her duty to prevent the future from being disrupted. Her only friend is Chibiusa who often called her Puu. In the R season, she permitted the Sailor Senshi through the Time Gate and reappears in the S Season, uniting with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

She is the only Senshi who wasn't reborn during Silver Millennium so her true age is unknown (approx. over 3000 years old). The only indicator of her age is her perception and maturity.