Osaka Naru


Name: Osaka Naru 
Birthday: 1 January, 1978
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Family Members: Mother (runs Jewellery Store Osa-P, in Juubangai)
Hobbies: Shopping
Favourite Sport: Volley Ball
Favourite Colours: Orange
Favourite Subject: Japanese Language
Pet she would like: A dog
If two men asked you
to go out with them at the
same time, what would you do?
'What should I do? I would go out with the kind, smart, tall guy, who will take me to many places!'

Naru is Usagi's best friend who also attends Juuban Junior High. Despite often being the unfortunate victim of the day, she is unaware of Usagi's true identity as Sailor Moon.