Sailor Moon Song Downloads

Welcome to Chibi Land's Music Theatre. Here you will find beautiful Sailor Moon music to download (no vocals). These selected mp3 come from the BSSM Super S Orgel Fantasia album. Enjoy!

Ai No Senshi
Epilogue (Short Version Of Moonlight Densetsu)
Heart Moving
La Soldier
Moonlight Densetsu
Otome No Policy
Tuxedo Mirage
Watashitachi Ni Naritakute

Selected Midis

English Sailor Moon Opening
Don't Fear (Eternal Sailor Moon's Theme)
Eternal Sailor Moon's Transform (Japanese)
English Sailor Moon Transform
Sailor Stars Opening
Starlights Transformation
Moon Prism Power Make Up (Japanese)
Rainy Day Man (Lita's Theme)
Outer Senshi Attack (Used in the Stars Season)
Outer Senshi Transform
My Love (Usagi and Mamoru's Music)
My Blue Heart
Japanese Sailor Moon R Attack
Mixed Music (Firstly Sailor Team no Theme, then Moonlight Destiny)
Sailor Stars Season Intermission
Sad Music Theme (Music in the Jap version, a sad melody)