Haruka and Michiru

Before Haruka met Michiru, she wanted to run like the wind... or perhaps be the wind itself. Haruka didn't want to be tied to a fate of being a Sailor Soldier, in fear that everything will change, including her dreams. She started having nightmares where a world of destruction was brought before her, with Sailor Neptune making an appearance. No matter how much she tried to ignore it, somewhere in her mind and heart, she knew what was to come, but is only escaping her destiny. The time came when everything started to change, and it was because of a women named Elza Gray. Elza was a famous track star in a High School, but she was always in Haruka's shadow in the races. Standing out amongst the rest, Elza introduced her friend Michiru to Haruka. The moment their eyes locked, they felt something... Haruka was afraid of these sudden emotions, and tried to avoid the situation. Not only was she being harsh and rude towards the new person she has just met, but refuses to allow her to be used as a model in a painting. Was this love at first sight? Haruka knew Michiru was the Sailor Soldier in her dream.

Some time later, Michiru invited Haruka to see her perform her violin on a cruise. After the show, Michiru confronted Haruka, trying to explain to her their destiny as a Sailor Senshi and the destruction they saw in their dreams, is a reflection of reality. Michiru then hinted to Haruka, there's a girl in her school who wishes to cruise along the beach in her car with her. The conversation concluded and Haruka had no more to add. 

Soon Haruka found herself witnessing a horrific attack by a creature who possessed another student from her school. A strange rod appeared before her, but before she touches it, Michiru appears and warns her. If Haruka touches it, her life will be changed forever, and she doesn't want her to have the same fate as she does. Michiru transforms into Sailor Neptune and jumps in front of Haruka to take the damage from the creature and is severely injured. Here, Sailor Neptune explains how she felt knowing Haruka was a Sailor Senshi, she didn't want her to be.. and yet, when she realised she was the chosen one, she was happy she was her partner. Michiru had eyes on Haruka for a while now, and admits she always wanted to ride in her car along the beach. Michiru's words touched her, and she accepted her duty as Sailor Uranus, to fight along side with her. That's where the story begins... with two Sailor Senshi appearing in the S season, who appear ruthless but really, have a pure heart.

 Here are some conversations between the couple.

In Episode 92, Usagi and Minako "stalk" Haruka, who they think is a cute boy.
Michiru: "You became friends with them?"
Haruka: "You're jealous?"
Michiru: "Maybe."
Haruka: "They're like kids, and they're very cute." 

In Episode 107, a boy named Masanori, has a crush on Michiru and gives her roses.

Michiru: "Are you concerned?"
Haruka: "A little. Is it from a boy friend?"
Michiru: "Of course."
Haruka: "I didn't know that there was someone who was brave enough to fall in love with you."
Michiru: "It's not often that you would get jealous."
Haruka: "I'm not jealous. I just can't allow you to look at anyone else besides me."
Michiru: "Haruka, that's called jealousy."

Haruka looked down at her hands and said that they were "already dirty".
Haruka: "I will make any sacrifice and use any means to get the talismans," she said.
Michiru sat by Haruka and entwined her fingers with Haruka's. Haruka looked surprised. "I like your hands," said Michiru softly.

Episode 167:
Michiru: "I think you eat too many sweets these days."
Haruka: "I never listen to that kind of talk outside of a bed."

In the Stars Season Episode 180: Michiru flirts with Seiya, asking him to change her clothes. When Haruka comes in the room and tells him to get out, Michiru asks if she's jealous. Michiru offers to have Haruka change her clothes.

In Episode 181, Haruka doesn't want Usagi to go on a date with Seiya but Michiru stops Haruka.
Haruka (to Michiru): You're hurting me!
Michiru (softly): Am I?
Haruka: I want you to touch me gently.
Michiru: Later, when we're alone.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune have just defeated an enemy who planned to never allow children to grow up.
Uranus:  A world where children can stay as children...
Neptune: Becoming an adult makes it more fun.  They shouldn't interfere, should they.
Neptune looks at Uranus
Uranus raises her eyebrow and coughs, embarrassed...

When Uranus and Neptune are killed in the final battle against Sailor Galaxia, they reached their hands to each other, held tightly, as they slowly faded away... (very sad)