Princess Kakyuu

Princess Kakyuu is the Sailor Starlights' Princess. She's beautiful, elegant and has thoughts similar to those of Sailor Moon. That is, the Sailor Senshi needed to work together in order to succeed. She comes from the Planet Kinmoku with the Starlight's planet surrounding hers. Her home planet was destroyed during an encounter with Chaos. She was almost killed herself, but luckily her starseed was saved in an urn and protected by Chibi Chibi. When the Starlights realised the star of their princess had not faded, they knew she was still alive somewhere. They followed her  fragrant olive scent to planet earth, appearing as the Three Lights in Tokyo (during Sailor Stars Season). The Starlights disguised themselves as males, as it is less suspicious to be seen as men asking the whereabouts of a girl (through their songs).

Princess Kakyuu had a mission herself, which was to find the Light of Hope, the only thing that could destroy Chaos. The reason why she didn't come out when the Starlights were searching for her, was because she didn't want Sailor Galaxia to discover her.

In episode 193, Eternal Sailor Moon's star seed was taken out, so Princess Kakyuu appeared to save her. Unfortunately not long after that, in episode 195 she was killed by Sailor Galaxia.