Sailor Moon Fan Art and Comics

This section is devoted to fanart and comics created by Sailor Moon fans! Click on the thumbnails to have a larger view.

My Mini Comic:

Jadeite's Great Plan
Jadeite's Great Plan

The above artwork was my first attempt at a Sailor Moon Mini Manga. It received the Honourable Mention in Sailor Energy's Mini Manga Contest.

Sailor Moon Comic Strips/Doujinshi

On the 5th April 2009, I launched my very own Sailor Moon doujinshi/web comic strips - MoonSticks! This is updated weekly, so please please please do check it out :D Your support is very much appreciated! Click on the banner to visit.

MoonSticks: Fun, short and sweet Sailor Moon Comics updated weekly

My Drawings

Other drawings I have done are displayed around the site as part of Chibi Land's layout.

Some of these date back to 1999, but I'm proud of every single one of them- because my love for drawing is all owed to Sailor Moon. The newer images are towards the bottom.

Chibi Eternal Sailor Moon and Galaxia Usagi eating Fallen Sailor Jupiter Kawaii Sailor V and Artemis Sailor Neptune and Princess Serenity Sailor Moon falls flat Chibiusa in Pjs Chibi Teen Chibi Usa Chibiusa smile Minako and Sailor Moon chibi Little Hotaru Chibi Princess Kakyuu Chibi Black Lady Chibi Sailor Pluto Kawaii Sailormoon Manga Teenage Chibiusa Super Sailor Chibimoon Chibiusa and Pegasus Elios kiss Princess Chibiusa 5 in their school uniform Chibi JunJun Star Fighter and Helios Luna as Human Sailor Star Fighter Chibiusa in various forms Pretty Grown Up ChibiChibi This is a gift to a little friend for her birthday Sailor Saturn Super Sailormoon Super Sailormoon Aluminium Siren Sailor Mars from PGSM Live Action Sailor Venus from PGSM Live Action Super Sailor Moon against Pharoah90 Super Sailor Moon against Pharoah90

Fan made comics!

A Blunt Approach By Daniella
Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose Blooper By Janice

Sailor Moon Fan Art

By Rey

By Silver Eyes

By Digital Leonardo

By Mangaka-chan

By Newbert              
Baby Chibiusa Baby Chibiusa and Baby Hotaru                

By Cammy
Chibiusa as mashimaro Sailor Jupiter Friends Sailor Saturn Chibichibimoon

By Rachelle W

By Ozgu

By Messachan

By Nefis