Credits and Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of those people who have supported me and contributed to Chibi Land for the past couple of years. The 'Chibi Cuties' (fanart) all belong to me. They may not be used on any other site.

Cammy (affiliate) for being a supportive friend. We both built our website in year 2000 one month apart. She has donated some of her super-deformed pictures of Hotaru/Sailor Saturn in my Kawaii Collection. Thanks!

The Oracle - I check up on her image gallery for reference pictures to draw the characters in Chibi Form! In addition, Betty has donated some chibis from the Sailor Moon R Eye catch, and more!

Nebu for some manga scans of the chibis, as well as her chibi doujinshi scans which were added to the Kawaii Collection.

Digilee for being a supportive fan and friend who has stuck around for many years, especially in our forum. Thank you Digilee!

Kotetsu (affiliate) is really awesome! She has always been very kind and donated many of her chibi scans for the Kawaii Collection, including some rare chibi scans! The files have the word 'rare' in it.

Michelle (Manga Style) for the chibis from the new reprint manga.

Dreaming Moon for good quality scans of the Chibi Sailor Moon trading cards which were added to the Kawaii Collection. These were all watermarked.

"Uranusx2" doujinshi found in the Kawaii Collection was scanned by Lithium Kitsune, posted here with permission. "Sanae Densetsu Kaiteiban - Nao Kourin" doujinshi is also courtesy of Samantha of Seramyu Antics. Thank you very much!

"Boku no ushiro ni nagai hito" and "Song of Life" Doujinshi in the Kawaii Collection were both scanned by Yuri-chan.

The Realm of Sailor Energy for inspiration. I've also used his gifs on the Chibi Luck Charms. (affiliate) for the scans of the new DVD Box sets.

Moonstruck: I've obtained the Death Buster animated gifs from this site.

All Chibi Forum credits can be found by clicking here.