Where Chibis Appear

A lot of the Chibi/SD images in the Kawaii Collection are simply illustrations drawn for the purposes of being on merchanise like cards and stickers. There are however, some which appear in the actual episodes (and movies). This section is devoted to just that- pointing out where and when it appears.. It should be noted that some of these are simply parts of the show where there are flashbacks of when the characters were little kids/ turned into kids.

All images from the original and R season were scanned by me from the Nakayosi Anime Album, unless stated with a * which indicate they were screen captured by Betty from The Oracle. All other images from other seasons where Screen captured by me.

Sailor Moon (Classic): Episode 1-46

Episode 2*

Episode 3
Usagi dreamt that she was with Tuxedo Kamen. "Tuxedo Kamen, are you my future boy friend?" She was embarrassed by it, and started giggling in her dream.

Episode 9
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury ran into a room with a big clock where the youma was waiting. The youma disappeared, and the two searched around for it. Sailor Moon end up wandering around in another room, and started becoming smaller and smaller. Sailor Mercury called for Sailor Moon to return to her. When the chibi Sailor Moon returned, she reverted back to normal size. Time went differently beyond different doors.

Episode 12
Sailor Moon was attacked by the youma of the day, Tetis and was against the wall. Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury came to her rescue, though they are still a little agitated since they were insulted by them earlier (prior to the transformation). The targets in the episode were couples who were on the romantic cruise, and Rei and Ami went together. "Why didn't you come with guys?"

Episode 14
This is merely a flashback of Naru in childhood, with her very good friend Saionji Rui, playing tennis. Rui was the victim of the day.

Episode 19*
Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Mars,Sailor V, and even Queen Beryl UFO Catcher dolls appear in a game machine.

Episode 25
There was a crowd around a boy in glasses who was playing the crane game. The boy kept getting a lot of the stuffed toys, and look who came out of the machine? ^_^ They called him the"crane arashi no Jo".

Episode 25
Mako was running home because she didn't have an umbrella and it was raining. Suddenly and abruptly, she ran into someone, and fell down. During the 'crash', very quick glimpses of Chibis occur. Mako got up and yelled out, "What are you looking at." The person apologised, but she continued "If you can get away with saying sorry, we won't need policemen." Then Mako realised it was Motoki and quickly changed.

Episode 29
Motoki and Mamoru went to a cafe. Motoki told Mamoru about Reika (his girlfriend) and his dilemma. Then he told Mamoru that Mako was going to cook for him. When Mamoru remembered that Mako was Usagi's friend, he asked, "Don't you know how Usagi feels?" Motoki answered, "Yeah, they're both cute." "Cute?" Mamoru gave a very funny and chibi expression ^^;

Usagi and Mako went to the game centre to see Motoki, however ran into Mamoru. Mamoru told them that Motoki only thought of them as younger sisters. Usagi got mad at Mamoru for calling her "odango atama". Usagi marched inside, but Motoki wasn't there. While they were waiting outside, Mamoru then told Mako about Reika going to study abroad. Mako choked Mamoru to try to get more information out of him (Poor Mamoru)

Episode 32
At school Umino and Naru were eating lunch together. Naru asked for one fried shrimp from Umino. Umino gladly gave it to her. Then Usagi came and asked if they were boy friend and girl friend. Umino was very happy, but Naru quickly said that they were just friends. Later Usagi told Umino to become cool and he should try to be like Tuxedo Kamen. Umino said that he would do it, and become 'Tuxedo Umino Kamen'. (Unlike Tuxedo Kamen, he used fried shrimp as his weapons, funny huh?)

Sailor Moon R: Episode 47-89

Episode 32

Episode 58
Out in the city, there was a Sailor Moon show at a department store. This Chibi Sailor Moon was apart of the show.

Soon after, the four-faced cardian appeared and started to steal everyone's energy, though at first they thought it was apart of the show.

Episode 69*
Sailor Moon was put into an eternal sleep by Akumuda, summoned by Karaberas. Her nightmare showed herself as a chibi, trying to chase after Mamoru, but she kept getting further and further away from him. I found this part of the episode really sad. Although she was expressed as a cute chibi, it wasn't all that comical.
Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike Small Sailormoon riding a bike

Episode 70
Rei and Yuuichirou were out shopping and Rei was making Yuuichirou carry all of the boxes, so he couldn't see where he was going. Just as they were passing by a store, a girl who was carrying a large bag came out of the door. Yuuichirou and the girl (Cooan in human form) bumped into each other. A quick glimpse of Chibi Zoisite can be seen store.

This happens to be on the top of Rei's manga pile which Usagi was intending to read. Looks like Usagi and Chibiusa on the cover, don't you think?

Episode 73
Chibiusa awakens lying in bed, with Mamoru sitting next to her. He uses a Tuxedo Kamen doll to cheer her up.

Episode 77
Usagi attends a craft class, hoping to make 'promise rings' which would bring Mamoru back to her again. The instructor demonstrates the technique multiple times, and Usagi just doesn't get it. She gets scared of the annoyed instructor.

Sailor Moon Super: Episode 90-127



Chibiusa has her eyes on a boy who makes tea.

Mimete is knocked out by random ladies.


Sailor Moon Super S 128-166


Episode 158
PallaPalla cast a spell on Sailor Moon and Chibimoon, turning Sailor Moon into a child, and Chibiusa into an adult.
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Episode 162
The Inner senshi remember they've seen Pegasus in their dreams when they were younger. Too bad Sailor Mercury doesn't get a chibi.

SuperS Movie
These appear at the beginning of the Sailor Moon SuperS movie, showing what the girls were like when they were children.

Sailor Stars: Episode 167-200

Episode 170
During a pinch, Ami has a flashback of when she was a child at school.

Episode 172
This is shown as a flashback when Queen Nehellenia was a lonely child.

Episode 183
Eternal Sailor Moon heals Queen Nehellenia and returns her back to her childhood.

Episode 172
Rei has a flashback of her childhood.