Sailor Chibi Moon | Chibiusa


Name: Usagi (Chibiusa)
Name meaning: Rabbit
Birthday: 30 June
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Favourite Gemstone: Diamond
Blood Type: O
Family Members: Mother (Neo-Queen Serenity)
Father (King Endymion)
Hobbies: Magic tricks
Favourite Sport: None
Favourite Colours: Red
Favourite Subject: Drawing and Art
Least Favourite Subjects: Japanese Language
Favourite Food: Pudding
Least Favourite Food: Carrots
Hopes to go to: The Moon
Habits: Glancing upwards
Special Skill: Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Pet she would like: A rabbit
Dislikes: Ghosts
Has trouble with: Needles, thunderstorms, being alone, or being locked out of the house
Motto: I am a graceful lady
Dream: To be a real Lady

Usagi (Chibiusa for short) is the future daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. She lives in the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, however during the R Season, travels back to the 20th Century to find the invincible Sailor Soldier Sailor Moon, so she can save her mother and defeat the evil forces of the Black Moon Clan.

At first, Chibiusa appears to be a rude, spoiled brat but on the inside is just a scared child longing to see her parents. Usagi and Mamoru treat Chibiusa with parental love even though neither of them know her true background. Sailor Moon's identity was unknown to Chibiusa so the task of finding her proved to be difficult.

Chibiusa later returns in the S Season as Sailor Chibimoon, a Senshi in training. As the series progresses, she matures and learns many things about life, though on the inside- she still acts like a child.