Sailor Moon Animated Gifs

What are animated gifs? They're simply lots of images placed after each other, which allows the characters to look like they're moving!

From the anime series (Sailor Stars Season):

Chibichibi transforms
Chibi Chibi comes to aid the inner Senshi
Chibichibi throws vases while Eternal Sailormoon catches them
Chibichibi laughs
Chibichibi floats down with her umbrella

Random but interesting gifs

Usagi riding a bike
Kawaii Chibi Hotaru Greeting you

Kawaii gifs ripped from Sailormoon Games

Chibi Eternal Sailormoon blinking
Little Sailormoon Attacks
Little Shine Aqua Illusion
Little Mars Attacks
Little Jupiter Attacks
Little Venus Attacks
Little Uranus Attacks
Little Neptune Attacks
Little Pluto Attacks
Chibi Tuxedo Kamen
Little Chibimoon Attacks
Chibi Tuxedo Kamen climbs rope
Chibi Tuxedo Kamen throws roses
Chibiusa continuously Falls
Inners & Chibiusa pops in
Chibi Sailor Moon jumps up on the screen

The Death Busters